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He will always be in my heart never forgotten and always remembered.I love you Everett and miss you every minute of everyday!!Not because of what he did but that other family members were given an opportunity to speak their mind and voiced their disappointment to him. I see all these lost people who just gave up, when they didn't have to. I love you Hunter and you will never be forgotten.(Click to view)Monica Renee Harlow Royston, born 10 October 1975, died 01 November 2013 in Oxford, Massachusetts Our Remembrance On November 1, 2013, my sister, Monica, lost her battle with Bipolar.If I was given that opportunity I would have said: \\"Dad, although I am deeply disappointed in the choices you made, I do not support the choice BUT my love for you has not wavered and I will support you even though I don\\'t condone your behavior.\\"(Click to view)Jennifer Sarah Snyder, born 14 August 1996, died 09 September 2010 in Sterling, Virginia Our Remembrance This was my niece Jenny . She was caring , funny , great student and friend to her buds. She was 38 years old and left behind a wife and nine year old son.I am so grief stricken over what could have been the best years of our life together. I will keep your memory and spirit alive for as long as I live!!!!! I love you so much Mom (Click to view)Alex Delfakis, born 23 January 1968, died 27 March 2010 in Rathdrum, Idaho USAOur Remembrance We will always remember you and cherish the memories we are left with, you are forever in our hearts, until we meet again in heaven Alex. Melanie, Cristina, Ana and Sophie(Click to view)Johnnie Ramsey, born , died 14 April 1994 in Pleasanton, Kansas, USAOur Remembrance Oh Dad the things you have missed!! Every night I go to bed I wisper, \"You are still my brother, and I am still your sister\". She was funny and I still laugh at some of her answers to questions on surveys that I\'m so glad I saved.I'll forever be loving and missing you, Until I see you again! I really enjoyed talking to her...especially in recent years.\"you don\'t get over it, you don\'t get used to it, you just get used to not getting over it.\" (Click to view)Chelsea Bowen, born 30 August 1993, died 16 March 2009 in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, USAOur Remembrance Chelly I so sorely miss your colorful self and delightful presence. He took upon another man's responsibility by adopting us five kids for that we appreciate him so much he taught us how to be fathers to our kids so they wouldn't be without a father and show us how to take responsibilities.

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I miss my baby boy who at 17 would still get in my lap Love mom and your brother we will see you again.(Click to view)Jean-Louis Van Wyk, born 19 January 1998, died 28 August 2016 in Vereeniging, Gauteng, South Africa Our Remembrance My son, my life, my everything. (Click to view)Brittany Corocran, born 29 March 1998, died 24 March 2016 in Tea, South Dakota Our Remembrance Brittany "The Ninja" Corcoran was the All American girl with the world open in front of her. \"I\'ll be missing you.\" I wish I had more words right now. She will always be remembered.(Click to view)Dustin Martin Sammons, born 31 July 1981, died 01 August 2001 in Chalmette, Louisiana Our Remembrance A gentle soul and a silly mistake, altered many lives forever.