Johnson koulianos dating a cheerleader

24-Oct-2019 13:45

reviewed the handbooks for seven different NFL team's cheerleaders and found they included things like hygiene, weight (Cincinnati Ben-Gals have to be within 3 pounds of ideal weight), what they have to do when a player from their team comes into the same restaurant (leave), and no sweatpants in public.All this for a job that pays very little and requires (in some cases) the cheerleaders to buy their own expensive uniforms.Bailey is suing, saying that because the female cheerleaders have these crazy rules while the male football players don't, that it violates federal discrimination laws."NFL players have zero rules over contact with cheerleaders.Plus, even if the rules are different for cheerleaders and players, those differences may be non-discriminatory...Companies that utilize (or are perceived to utilize) work rules based on stereotyped or antiquated views on how men and women should be treated do risk these types of claims.While the cheerleading coaches ultimately report up to the male-dominated NFL leadership, they undoubtedly have a say in how these rules are enforced, even if they didn't have a say in how they were written.

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These rules seem to assume that the same NFL players that the cheerleaders energetically support all season, are dangerous predators that must be avoided at all costs off the field.

The recent firing of New Orleans Saints cheerleader Bailey Davis has once again revealed the hypocritical rules of the NFL and its teams.

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