Jon gosselin dating deanna hummel Ftee adult dating texting

26-Sep-2019 15:09

3 in light of the couple’s split so that viewers can adjust to the new circumstances.“It’s hard to walk away from a big number,” O’Neill said, referring to Monday’s record 10.6 million viewers.Not certain as to whom Jon & Kate Gosselin might have pissed off at US Weekly, as the magazine continues to rag on them.The latest being the above new photo of Jon Gosselin with his alleged 23 year old girlfriend, Deanna Hummel.Another source reveals that the couple had previously agreed to separate by July 15. According to the source, they had been talking divorce for quite some time and the decision was recently finalized to announce it.This news will as non shocking to those who have been following this show for a while.

The family, though divorcing, have no plans to quit the show.Deanna’s brother, Jason Hummel, confirmed last month that his sister did indeed have an affair with Jon.