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Yes, there can be regret [about past relationships], but this mindset is more helpful: “I’m still a complete person and I’m loved and accepted by God.These choices are not the defining qualities of who I am.”When did you first start to notice there were a lot of people who were hurt by the book?If you’ve ever come across purity rings (which are worn as an outward sign of a vow to practise abstinence until marriage) or been on the receiving end of teaching that says women should cover up in order to protect men’s minds, then you’ve encountered what’s been dubbed ‘purity culture’.Most Christians, including Harris, would agree sex is best saved for marriage, but the way that message has been communicated has proved controversial in the years since were amplified through the advent of blogs and social media.I remember reading criticism early on but I had people around me at the time who were saying: “You just need to stand your ground”, “You need to be a strong leader”, “You’re too worried about people’s criticism.” So I shoved all that aside.You can’t measure the results of the book after only a year.

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Anna stands at the altar on the day she has dreamed about for months. But as the minister leads Anna and David through their marriage vows, the unthinkable happens. Harris also advocated for strict boundaries within this: no kissing, no holding hands and no being alone together before you tie the knot.”What do you think now about the opening story – where all those other women stand next to David on his wedding day, because he’d dated them in the past?I think my writing really lacks nuance and balance, and for a lot of really impressionable young people it created a sense of real fear, and that had a negative impact on their view of relationships.The fact that a flawed man could write a flawed book and somehow that could help some people is amazing to me.

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But, to borrow an analogy from the automotive industry, if a car serves some people but a flaw in its design causes damage to others, good intentions by the carmaker and even the endorsement of other customers don’t override the problem.”You were 21 years old when the book was published. I had been in the dating scene, had different girlfriends and had reached a point where relationships were the one area in my life that I wasn’t willing to consider in light of my Christian faith.

At first he ignored the push-back, but tweets such as “your book was used against me like a weapon” mounted up and, eventually, he was forced to consider if a book written to help young people live for God had actually caused more harm than good.

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