Leo dating cancer

06-Aug-2020 20:45

Members of both signs easily fall into moods that cloud their thinking.They should give each other space to work things through, to let the waters calm, or to redirect the fiery intensity into productive creativity.Downside: Getting lost in subjective viewpoints, the childlike becoming childish, water (Cancer) putting out fires (Leo) of inspiration, introversion (Cancer) vs.

Cancer will likely intuit the Leo need for approval but grow resentful if it feels too one-sided.

There is likely to be an enormous attraction between the two and warmth of expression which both the signs need to feel comfortable in a relationship.

But sometimes Fire may horrify the Water, leading to devastation.

Holidays will be huge for this pair, each trying to outdo the other to make it the best ever.

Both are sentimental, giving their romance a sense of story, with souvenirs, pictures, and trinkets that represent their love.Dates might include favorite activities from childhood, such as swinging and sliding at a playground.