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If you tend to make transactions in public places, consider getting a VPN.

You never need to give out your Social Security number to make a simple purchase. If a website seems to be asking for more information than is normal, leave immediately and don’t look back. Otherwise, you leave yourself wide open to attacks and security breaches.

If someone figures out one of your passwords, you don’t want them to have instant access to If a website seems shady, don’t use it.

You’ll probably be safe on websites like Amazon and Best Smaller, lesser-known websites should be treated with suspicion.

If a site looks outdated or poorly designed, proceed with caution.

If you receive an email with a link to a website, never shop directly through that link — even if it is a big, well-known company.

The “s” doesn’t necessarily guarantee the transaction is 100% safe, but it’s a fast and easy check that can give you another layer of confidence. Don’t conduct online transactions in public places.

Paysafecard vouchers are available for sale in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi-Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States and Uruguay.

Install a trusted software and update it regularly.

You should also keep your web browser and operating system current with the most recent security patches.

Debit cards aren’t quite as comprehensive, and depending on when you report the card missing, you could be on the hook for the entire amount. If you have doubts about a transaction, you can even use a one-time use credit card to generate a random card number linked to your actual account.

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This will make it harder for criminals to steal information.Even if you’re good about always logging out, it is possible for hackers to install keylogger information to record your keystrokes. A good hacker can snag your information using the public Wi Fi.

I graduated from college and went to work as a programmer at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. The server-side team had to notify users about the comings and goings of other users, so that if your buddy Gordon logged on, the server would tell your client that he was there (we, on the client side, had to take the notification and display it to the user properly).… continue reading »

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