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02-Aug-2020 19:17

[artist id="1737245"]Lindsay Lohan[/artist] is single and looking to mingle.Having split with girlfriend Samantha Ronson, the actress/ professional paparazzi target is "searching for love" — on dating Web site e of all places.(In the first episode, one host makes out with a guest, something that Spentzos applauds, since that guest turned out to be their highest spender of the night.) Lohan plays a stern but kind mother hen to this bunch of twentysomethings who work for her but are also preoccupied with getting wasted on the beach.Lohan, after all, has a long history of being that twentysomething herself, one whose addictions, namely to alcohol, led to a number of attempts at rehab and more than a few readily available mugshots.The clip was first posted on the site late Monday afternoon and has already been viewed more than 212,000 times ...

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She was a child actor, a surefire success, a soap star, a sexpot, a pop singer, an addict, a criminal, a joke, a liability, a lost soul.

And to put all those rumors to rest, I am not broke.