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Freezer’s brain fast calculated that we could outrun the cops. Meanwhile, brain replayed all the highway police car chases he made me watch.

The ones that ALWAYS end in disaster for the pursued. The only thing I learned in fact, from those numbing, plot-less, testosterone-aimed spectacles is, you attempt to outrun the cops.

A mix of green and arid canyon views surrounds us as we climb a steep trail.

She is one of the most beautiful girls I know — high cheekbones, poreless skin, the whole bit.

There was nothing to do except grab a price sheet and walk inside the three-million dollar home for sale.

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You know who finds Mulholland as spellbinding as I do? He came and picked me up in his sporty new TT a few years ago when he still lived in Los Angeles. His tall form barely fit in that sleek little machine that wanted nothing but to grind road. It was around 7 pm, neither day nor night, that bleak blue-grey hour that’s warmed only by company and headlights. So Freezer, whose instinct is always to protect me, on this one occasion, partook in his only display of recklessness in my company.But the panting doesn’t keep us from the subject at hand.She tells me she’s thinking of moving away from Los Angeles because she’s tired of being single and believes there are no good men here. I just haven’t wanted to take things further with them. But for those who want a lot of the questions from the series'll have to buy the issue!

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If I’m to get back to Mulholland, I have to revisit the specific night three or so weeks ago, during which I began the initial entry after a glittery canyon ride. When I finally walked into my apartment, my ex-boyfriend was asleep in my bed. Freezer and I road-tripped all over Costa Rica, the Highway 1 from California to the tip of Oregon, and the Amalfi coast in Italy.There were remnants of rush hour cars escaping freeway traffic and cluttering Mulholland instead. Mulholland is a winding, two-lane road, one for each direction.