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15-Oct-2019 16:28

) or says it's "full of lies" or something else in order for you not to take it seriously.

LOL There's two groups of people who will denounce it.

Sending me rude, insulting, and threatening telegrams isn't going to work.

Besides, it is bad enough people insist on being nasty, but I haven't fully stopped laughing over the fact that many of those who sent me the aforementioned telegrams can't even seem to spell swear words correctly!

Yes you are my slave but I need to be serving me not stuck in hospital. Master: We won't get caught Slave: I'm not leavin my apartment.

I wish I could f*** you on my lunch break Slave: How do we do that master Master: You need to get out of hospital and serve me Later that day Slave: Sir, please stop. Can't we just have a normal m/s relationship without this please sir. U will have to drag me out Master: You will do what you are f***ing told. Slave: No offence sir, but do we have to do it in rain. Master: Don't worry, it's never as bad as u think it's going to be.

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The pre-paid, unregistered phones were found by gardaí in the Vartry reservoir at Roundwood in September 2013, around the time Ms O'Hara's remains were discovered. Master: If I was, it would be indoor hanging once you are chained up Tuesday August 21, 2012: The day before Elaine is discharged, a day before she goes missing Slave: R u mad at me sir. Be a good person/slave/friend and I want to try and have a normal life without talkin and thinkin about that. More painful getting stabbed on empty stomach, suit yourself. x Slave: Did they close the recycling place at Shanganagh. Make your way on foot to park next door and text me in middle. Master: ok Slave: ok sir is the park with the playing fields in the top part or bottom.

Master: Trust me it will be exciting Slave: Sure sir Slave: So what time do u want me from tomorrow sir? Slave: Sir how many Master: As many as I like Slave: Yes Sir Master: I want you to park at Shanganagh Cemetery at 5.30, leave your i Phone at home, Just bring slave phone and keys.