Men and emotions dating sedating racoons

30-Nov-2019 14:19

If you ever find yourself dating such a 'hard guy', here are the pits you should be ready to encounter in such relationship: 1.Confusion One the problems you will experience dating a man who is inexpressive and finds it difficult to express himself is confusion, misunderstandings and constant misconstruing of his intentions.Well, that’s not a good sign because well-adjusted people don’t have that bad an attitude towards themselves. His family sucks and that’s why he can’t get a job. When guys tell you that the reason their lives suck is because of some fatal flaw or everyone around them, it’s often a sign of mental illness.You can’t be totally self-loathing and also be well-adjusted. Guys who do this are emotionally unstable and looking for a fight.

This is often an indicator of a guy who will get violent later on in the relationship and is a surefire sign that he’s too insecure to be a good partner.In a situation, you might think something while your partner has something else in mind other than what they are really feeling about the situation.This always leads to misunderstandings and too many avoidable fights that can ruin a healthy relationship. Feeling unappreciated Women have a reputation for being easily-swayed by words, especially if they already like you.Someone else When you get pissed with your inexpressive guy over his constant failure to express feelings or dish out validation, you may start finding solace in something else. If someone else starts filling the gap, you will gradually getting far away from your partner.

And when this happens, the end of that relationship becomes visible in the horizon. Communication suffers Many women love to talk and express the things they're feeling.Words, especially complimentary ones, are also useful in keeping a woman feeling treasured, appreciated and desired Now imagine having a guy who never gasses you up in any way, rarely assuages your doubts or reassure you of his undying affection for you – kinda tragic, yeah?