Microsoft outlook shared calender not updating

24-Mar-2020 00:23

We are introducing an opportunity for Office 365 customers to preview new shared calendar capabilities aimed at improving the speed and reliability of how they sync.We are excited to bring you these changes and are eager to get your feedback before we update the default shared calendar experience.

microsoft outlook shared calender not updating-86

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Visit Stack Exchange A shared calendar is not automaticly updated anymore.

Outlook is a vital part of the Microsoft workspace, used by millions of satisfied users.

By unifying the e-mail client with calendar and tasks, Outlook revamp was welcomed as a positive change and a step forward for sure.

In order to run these two, follow the steps below: With that said, we can conclude this article.

Hopefully, these steps helped you address the problem at hand.When the user creates an element in this shared calendar it does not get sync. But when he presses update folder (in the menu - send/recive) then the calendar gets updated/synced too.