Morgan man dating granddaughter

19-Apr-2020 09:45

After all, what would spark that sort of attraction at that age — for both Morgan and E’Dena.

She would have had to have some sort of influence that made her think a relationship with her former step-grandfather would be OK and some think Morgan was that influence.

On the other hand, he’s still family and assumedly played a father-like role in her life. Dating a man nearly 50 years older than you who was once married to your grandmother and who raised you is another.

Inappropriate would be an understatement to describe the transition from father-figure to lover, and it certainly suggests other inappropriate behavior could have gone on long before the age of 17.

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Though she was not a blood relative of the star, she was 45 years his junior.

Rumors of this sordid, decade-long love affair have swarmed for several years and many assumed it was the cause of Morgan’s divorce to his second wife, Myrna Colley-Lee, which was finalized in September 2010 with a settlement (hush money) of 0 million.