My daughter is dating a heroin addict

11-Feb-2020 11:33

We have a 30-year-old daughter addicted to drugs and alcohol.She recently lost custody and is supposed to have supervised visits with her son, who is 7. It’s so difficult to see someone we love self-destructing in their addiction.More than half (56%) of respondents said they wouldn't remain in a relationship with someone who was suffering from substance abuse, but leaving a partner over their drug use is rarely simple."I was 18 going on 19 when I met Liam* at the warehouse party where he was DJing.He bought me a drink and was super sweet, and we were into the same music. We were living and studying in different states, so our relationship was long distance for months.They also found gender differences within drug use too - men are three times more likely than women to use cannabis, cocaine or amphetamines.But something that hasn't really been looked into before is how deeply drug dependency can impact on relationships.It probably wouldn't surprise anyone to read that according to the World Drug Report 2016, one in 20 adults used at least one illegal drug in 2014.

I hope your daughter does get help, sooner rather than later. Kind regards, Darren Darren Haber, Psy D, MFT is a psychotherapist specializing in treating alcoholism and drug addiction as well as co-occurring issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, secondary addictions (especially sex addiction), and trauma (both single-incident and repetitive).But we had such a great rapport that we decided to keep it going.I'd travel to see him every two months or so because I had family where he was anyway, it was basically like going home. He always DJed at the weekends so we went out a lot - we'd have some drinks, use typical club drugs and smoke some weed.He was used to DJing massive clubs every weekend and now, we lived in a small town and there was nowhere to go out. There was always an excuse to take drugs and soon it became a daily thing to pop a pill, or grab a baggy and go out.

I didn’t always want to party, but he'd pressure me to.

You might also, if you wish, occasionally let your daughter know that it’s her addiction you dislike, not the good person underneath, as a reminder that you’re willing to reconnect if she seeks help facing her problem.