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24-Feb-2020 07:59

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I am very good at cutting off emotions if someone just wants to have “fun.” With all the being said I would like to tell you a little story about my friend Beau.(His name is obviously changed for his protection.) Beau and I matched on Bumble, and I have to say he looked hot as hell.

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My name is Jill, I am a 37-year-old woman who has been online dating for about a year and a half. (My ex husband is wonderful ladies….contact me if you want more information) I have 3 of the most amazing beautiful children….a very fortunate woman. I will not marry again, I will not have more children and I cannot imagine leaving my cute little story and a half home in Toronto. I would leave for a 5000 sq ft house with a pool, hot tub, soccer field and a personal skateboard park in the backyard. I say “almost” because he sleeps with just about every women he meets AND on any given weekend will have at least 7 dates scheduled. Trademarks mentioned in this site and all copyrighted material (images, movie posters, DVD covers, trailers) are property of their respective registrants.