Natalia vodianova dating antoine arnault

25-Sep-2020 04:21

She was my idol.”At 15 Natalia came out of her cocoon. So, right before she turned 16, Natalia left home, moving into her own apartment, with a friend, the daughter of one of her mother’s competitors in the black-market fruit business. I loved my friends, and I loved going out.” Natalia’s boyfriend attended the local modeling school; he persuaded her to try it, too, and although he didn’t have much money, he put up the entrance fee for her, and she loved the experience. It’s not a nice feeling when someone looks at you that way—it reminded me of the fruit I was selling.“I remember noticing men were looking at me—really looking at me,” she says. The two enterprising girls struck out with their own fruit venture. Soon she had a gig at a modeling show in town; the she earned made an impression, as it was more than she could hope to make selling fruit for a month. “There were about 100 girls lined up in this big room, and this guy would walk along the line looking at each and every girl. The bananas that people would look at and say, ‘Oh, does this one have a spot on it or not?“She was miserable and tired and alone, and I wanted to look after her as much as I could.” When her mother got into the business of selling fruit on the street, Natalia hit the streets with her.It was a risky, illegal venture, rife with bad characters and financial disasters when the fruit went rotten. “I had dark circles under my eyes, I didn’t smile very much, and I knew the problems of adults.” It was only when she spent time with her grandparents—who had suffered even worse privations during World War II—that she could still be a kid.magazine, with Oscar and Annette de la Renta, Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Apolo Ohno, the gold-medalist speed skater from the Olympics,” Weber recalls. Most girls starting out on one of their first sittings, in this company, would have been a little bit insecure, if not terrified. She acted like she was home with her family.” Weber remembers Annette de la Renta and Hillary Clinton comparing her to an angel. I called her on the phone there, only to witness a bit of malarkey—Arnault pretending to be the butler and answering the phone in French so fast I almost called Berlitz.Now she lives in an elegant Haussmann building in the center of Paris, in an apartment she rents with her partner of the last three years. After we had a laugh about that, Natalia apologized for the “weird electric sound.” No, it wasn’t Antoine whipping up a kale-and-spinach smoothie. She was pumping for Maxim, her and Antoine’s first child, who was born this past May.

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Natalia, 32, is the once-you’ve-seen-her-you-never-forget-her blue-eyed Russian model Natalia Vodianova, who electrified fashion runways in London, New York, Milan, and Paris a dozen years ago, when she starred in something like 40 shows that season.Natalia’s teachers knew of the harsh realities of her home life, and they respected how the young girl tried her best anyway.“I spent my life trying to make my mother feel better,” she says.Disorder and Early Sorrow Natalia’s early, hardscrabble life is fashion-world legend by now.

She grew up in Nizhny Novgorod, in southwest Russia, in the Soviet Union before its collapse.“Everyone said what my mother was doing was crazy,” remembers Natalia.

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