Ninth grade dating guide

22-Oct-2020 13:46

For instance, if you volunteer at an organization (e.g., a soup kitchen) outside of school, you may be tasked with training others or performing independent duties.

That still shows leadership, even if you don’t carry an official title.

While there are some circumstances under which it may be okay to join a new activity in your junior or senior year (as discussed in this guide), for the most part it can be difficult to jump into something new later in high school.

Activities outside of the classroom can have a number of positive impacts: Trying to get involved as a freshman may seem daunting at first, but remember that you have a lot of resources at your disposal.

If you are not sure how to join a particular activity, try approaching the faculty advisor or an older member for advice.

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An extracurricular activity is essentially something you do outside of class time that is meaningful to you and from which you are learning.

Additionally, finding opportunities to get involved outside of school in the first place demonstrates initiative.