No luck with online dating

06-Oct-2020 22:19

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Similarly, all the dating advice you might find is of no value if you don't actually use it.

It's as simple as this: You can't achieve anything when you're not even trying. If you approach a single woman each Friday and Saturday night and manage to be successful once at each five approaches (which, by the way, is a clearly optimistic percentage), it means that on average, you'll be able to get 1.5 women in a month.

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It doesn't matter because no woman will invest any time and effort to discover your great personality unless you give her some clues to follow.

This is simply because people are different, and our attitudes, moods and circumstances change by the minute.

The whole secret behind any kind of success stands in courage and perseverance.

Think about your job: Did you know from the first minute what you were supposed to do?

Were you as efficient in the first few weeks as you are now? No matter how good you are in theory, practice is what really gets you from thinking about something to actually doing it.Well, in the beginning, all you have to do is to play by the three-second rule. She will see the artlessness and determination in your approach, which will make her reply in the same way.