No ugly people allowed dating

13-Jan-2020 11:37

If you find yourself not beautiful or attractive enough, you should not consider using the site to search for your perfect match.

You are better off using the other best singles sites that encourage members to get to know each other beyond the physical aspect and develop a genuine love that is not superficial.

One need not emphasize the danger of meeting people to date with a fake profile on the site.

In an attempt to meet and date gorgeous men and women, one may be tempted to use a fake photo, and a beautiful one at that, in order to gain a favorable vote from the other site members.

For your info, the 2nd dude is a female and its Sista Ibkaye you're talking about.

I am the agent and I am not allowed to date my client.

So, what is the point of bringing yourself into such humiliation?

Other members will use this photo as a source of judging your physical attractiveness.