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08-Oct-2020 03:58

Do you think you can readily answer these on a date?While these questions are fun to think about, the point of asking them on Ok Cupid is not only to feed our magic algorithm— it’s about taking a step back and remembering that dating is about getting to know someone, learning from them, and hopefully becoming a better person because of it.These questions show us who you are — like your beliefs and interests — and what sort of partner you’re looking for.

Even more skipped a question about the politics of the education system.

The factor analysis doesn’t automatically tell us what each personality trait really “means” — it just gives us a list of point values associated with answers to different questions. These scales are ordered so that the first one explains the biggest differences between cities, and the second describes a little less, and so on and so on.

To determine the traits that the responses may signify, we looked at the answers with the largest positive (or negative) point values, and figured out what word or concept best described the pattern we saw. And by looking at where on the spectrum of each trait the typical member in an MSA fell, we were able to determine the 8 types of people you’ll find across the US.

Or if you know what’s good for you, you’ll scroll down and read through the entire report that’s filled with data analysis and heat maps, because some of the data confirms stereotypes, while some has us questioning them even more.

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At Ok Cupid, we learn about our members’ personalities by asking multiple-choice questions.After digging through the numbers, I’ve found that the personality differences between American cities go beyond a single scale of simply being “Red” or “Blue” — you actually need to describe how the personalities of US cities differ from one another.