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26-Oct-2020 12:22

I mean, imagine if ghosting went down in real life: Person A: “Hey, I think you’re awesome and we should get together this weekend. ”Person B: “Close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so...”Person A: “Ok. It’s the culture of online dating; everyone thinks it’s okay to ghost.The sexism on this sub gets old; I feel just as defeated and frustrated as the rest of you guys.

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But the minute a guy says something negative about a female, he is called sexist. I talked to many women that have told me issues they had with men online and it sucks, but lets not act like it is problem all around.

(Or even not complete strangers.) I’m going to encourage you NOT to send that type of message to someone on the internet. I could have ignored it, but then the blog wouldn’t be as entertaining.