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02-Jul-2020 20:53

I ran into this exact issue recently when using a Combo Update for Mac OS X on a particular machine getting it up to date with OS X 10.11.6.

Strangely, the verifying process failed and multiplied itself nearly a dozen times, which unsurprisingly didn’t work at all.

Mac users may find that a system update, installer, or package (pkg) can get completely stuck in a verification sequence, with a pop-up alert that says “Verifying ‘name.pkg’…” while showing the Gatekeeper icon and a progress bar that never updates.

The effect is the package or installer won’t run as it never completes verification, making it impossible to install.

a troubleshooting guide for merely slow verifications or for those who are simply impatient, this is only for cases where “verifying” process is completely halted and not working at all, thereby preventing the intended installer from running.

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Don't worry, nothing is amiss, this is expected behaviour: During Pouch DB's initial replication Pouch DB will check for a checkpoint, if it doesn't exist a 404 will be returned and a checkpoint will subsequently be written. Pouch DB is written in ES5, which is supported by modern browsers, but requires shims for older browsers (e.g. In Android, if you're loading Pouch DB directly via In Chrome apps, you'll see the warning "window.local Storage is not available in packaged apps.

Use chrome.storage.local instead." This is harmless; since Pouch DB doesn't use local Storage if it's not available.