Polycom 301 updating initial configuration

09-Jan-2020 14:48

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In the long run, using some type of central server will be your best bet.Third-party solutions like Phonism are helping service providers automate and streamline their provisioning process, saving engineers hours of headaches and hair pulling.The following sections covers enhancements to the phone user’s experience, like new authentication methods, call transfer workflow changes, group expansion, and device locking behavior to name a few.Sign in Options If the updated phone was factory-reset or did not currently have a Lync or Skype for Business user registered then the first screen that will appear after startup is complete will be the following new Sign In window providing up to four unique authentication options.

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Depending on the selected Base Profile the web server may need to be manually enabled.

Set Base Profile As explained in many earlier VVX articles the phone must be set to the proper Base Profile when registering to various SIP platforms.

Depending on the original purchasing SKU and/or status of the phone it will be set to one of two options by default: Generic or Lync.

This can be re-enabled on the VVX phone for testing or administration purposes if so desired.

To perform many of the steps in this article it must be enabled now.

Not only will all of your information be stored and accessible in one place, but you will also benefit from: When using a central server, you will be configuring the device settings through the server’s GUI.