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Therefore, bear in mind how you can meet your personal needs independent of your partner. (1999), mutual levels of commitment and dependence on one’s partner can promote a well-off relationship.However, don’t be alarmed if your partner is not as dependent on you.The statistic, again is this: 47% of Unemployed have “completely” given up on finding a job.Let me show you the actual question and then I’ll tell you why its bogus: How much do you agree with…the following statement: I’ve completely given up on looking for a job.Be sure to have the right balance between meeting your own needs and understanding what your partner needs. This isn’t something we normally do but there is a statistic that just came out that journalist across the country are taking the wrong way.As shown by Gomillion, Murray, and Lamarche (2015), partners who were more dependent on their partners for goal attainment were less likely to make progress on their goal post-breakup.With that being said, you should think about how your dependence will personally effect you in the long run.

Gomillion and Murray (2014), found a relationship between self-esteem, the level of dependence required by a task, and closeness. Level of commitment, mutuality of commitment, and couple well-being. doi: 10.1111/j.1475-6811.1999.tb00199.x Gomilion, S., & Murray, S, L. Shifting dependence: The influence of partner instrumentality on self-esteem on responses to interpersonal risk.The “Net” agree is 47% but this is actually meaningless.

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