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23-Apr-2020 02:46

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After your Pi boots up, you need to enter Retro Pie setup.You can do this one of two ways: Your controller should now work using the same mappings configured via USB.Connecting a PS3 controller via Bluetooth requires installation of a special PS3 driver located in Retro Pie setup.

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Ive tried everything to fix it, even initializing and reloading the firmware by usb, nothing seems to work...Even genuine brand-new controllers may or may not suffer this issue.The same problem has been observed on other brands like Buffalo and Wii.While a separate powered USB hub is not required to set up a controller, be mindful of your overall power draw when attaching peripherals.

If you are overclocking, for example, it will be much safer to use a powered USB hub than drawing current from the Pi itself.Before booting the Raspberry Pi, make sure that a supported Bluetooth adapter is connected (for the Pi 3, onboard Bluetooth works perfectly as of Retro Pie 4.0 ).