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26-Jun-2020 01:01

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The mantra must be urgency with a sense of urgency, especially in 20.

Otherwise, the GOP runs the risk of being the Atlanta Falcons of American politics.

If a football team's offense can't consistently convert fourth and centimeters, then it doesn't have much of an offense, does it?

When the GOP stood unified last week to announce tax reform, it finally looked like a governing, majority party on the attack rather than a kowtowing, acquiescent party. We don't need to work with them; they need to work with us.

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Showing up and turning out is all that ultimately matters in politics.

Let's remind Democrats of what President Obama said in 2009: elections have consequences.

The good news is that the death of the red state doesn't mean we can't keep the map predominantly red.

At least Republicans didn't attribute Jones's victory to Vlad Putin or libelous dossiers chock-full of details akin more to pornography than to politics.

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However, you can make excuses, or you can win elections – you just can't do both.Those who believe that fallacy affirm the premise of this article.

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