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Holmes also drafted speeches for Minister of Trade and Commerce Robin Winters.” Upon leaving office external ministers Lester Pearson, Paul Martin Senior and Mitchell Sharp all took up honorary positions with CIIA.

In 1999 former foreign minister Barbara Mc Dougall took charge of the institute and many chapters continue to be dominated by retired diplomats.

Active Canadian diplomats regularly speak to CIIA meetings, as did Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien.

Alongside Ottawa and US foundations, Canadian capitalists with foreign policy interests also funded CIIA.

The Rockefeller Foundation accounted for as much as half of CIIA’s budget by the early 1940s.

Alongside Rockefeller money, the Carnegie Corporation and Ford Foundation supported the institute.

The Rhodes Trust and South African mining magnet Sir Abe Bailey financed the Round Table Groups and former British Secretary of State for War Lord Milner promoted the initiative.

He could reach Pearson personally when he was in Ottawa, and the Prime Minister promoted the CIIA while entertaining.But its younger members and staff tended to back Washington’s foreign policy.In subsequent decades US foundation funding strengthened their hand.On hand to launch CIIA was the owner of six Canadian newspapers, Frederick Southam, as well as .

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CIIA’s genesis was in the post-World War I Paris Peace Conference.Aside from government officials the dominant media is fond of quoting “experts” from foreign policy think tanks when discussing Canada’s role in the world.

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