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(LGBT speed dating generally occurs in separate sessions.) He is strict about lines.“In Denver we had bigger lines than their A-listers.with brian regan (netflix) · stand up mother, a (we) · stand, the (cbsaa) · standoff (fox) · standup in stilettos (tv_guide) · standups, the (netflix) · stankervision (mtv2) · star (fox) · star falls (teen_nick) · star plates (food) · star search (cbs) · star stories (bbc_america) · star trek: discovery (cbsaa) · star trek: enterprise (upn) · star trek: lower decks (cbsaa) · star trek: picard (cbsaa) · star trek: short treks (cbsaa) · star trek: voyager (upn) · star vs the forces of evil (disney) · star wars resistance (disney) · star wars: rebels (disney_xd) · star wars: the clone wars (disney_plus) · star-crossed (cw) · stargate atlantis (sci_fi) · stargate universe (syfy) · stargate: sg-1 (sci_fi) · stargirl (dc) · stark raving mad (nbc) · starlet, the (wb) · stars earn stripes (nbc) · startalk (ngc) · starter wife, the (usa) · starter wives confidential (tlc) · startup (sony_crackle) · startup u 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The day I met him, he was wearing an Indiana Jones costume rigged to play the movie theme song when he walked.He doesn’t think he’s the fastest Walmart assembler in the world, but admits that in 25 years he’s gotten pretty good. In the craft economy of costuming, his specialty is fabricating armor.

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“Just someone who accepts me,” a Power Ranger with a Long Island accent says, gesturing to his spandex-clad body.and pregnant (vh1) · scoundrels (abc) · scouted (e) · scrabble showdown (hub) · scrappers (spike_tv) · scraps (fyi) · scratch & burn (mtv) · scream (vh1) · scream if you know the answer (travel) · scream play (e) · scream queens (fox) · scream queens (vh1) · screen machines (reelz) · scrubbing in (mtv) · scrubs (abc) · seal team (cbs) · sean saves the world (nbc) · search for the funniest mom in america, the (nickelodeon) · search for the lost giants (history) · search for the next elvira, the (fox_reality) · search party (tbs) · searching for…

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