Secular world view on dating bisexual men dating

28-Oct-2019 22:12

This was the predominant view of the founders and most citizens of our early republic.

Christianity was the organizing worldview responsible for instituting each of the first 100 universities started on American soil.

Most religion classes at the university also are taught from a naturalistic perspective, denying the possibility of miracles, since a miracle is by definition an event with a supernatural cause.

In psychology, students learn human beings is reducible to a combination of chemicals and electrical firings in the brain.

What used to be the norm – meeting people who shared your faith and a mutual attraction – is no longer the norm. The article was shared, and shared, and shared again.

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For example, the biological sciences are taught with an assumption of naturalism, which is the acknowledged starting point for evolution.

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If another philosophical starting point is offered, such as the idea that an Intelligent Designer might be involved in the origin of life, the scientific evidence supporting this idea is fought tooth and nail from being presented in the classroom. The Humanist Manifestos of 1933, 1973, and 2000 explain the details of their beliefs.Topping the list is their belief that God does not exist, or at least there is insufficient evidence for the existence of God.Many history departments are run by Neo-Marxists, with their emphasis on class, race, and gender.

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And in some curriculum designed for elementary schools, there is a strong “New Age” flavor.

Since SH is a religious faith an atheist cannot “prove” God does not exist, therefore, atheism is an assumption, i.e., a faith position — then people are free to embrace it.