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Later in 1940, Wolf emigrated to the United States—the same period that 300,000 Jews emigrated to the U. Spending time in the South allowed Wolf to see a different side of the United States than he was familiar with from New York.

Wolf was in the army and fought overseas in World War II, serving in Italy with the 10th Mountain Division.

Wolf was born in Vienna, Austria to a Jewish family.

Wolf has described his family as nonreligious, and said that he had little experience of a Jewish community while growing up.

His father worked for a corporation and was also a Freemason.

Wolf described his mother, who had studied medicine in Russia, as a feminist—"not in terms of declarations, but in terms of her stand on human possibilities." In 1933, his father's work moved the family to Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, where Wolf attended German Gymnasium.

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Wolf was especially influenced by the German Jewish sociologist Norbert Elias who was also interned there. He enrolled in Queens College in New York City and also spent a summer at the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee in 1941.His most well-known book, Europe and the People Without History, is famous for critiquing popular European history for largely ignoring historical actors outside the ruling classes.