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07-Apr-2020 12:47

I grew up in a pre-war residential neighborhood of another major city, so I don't mind single-family homes but I can't stand 4,000 square-foot new construction with five bathrooms and no grocery store for miles.The toughest part about dating in NYC is that there are so many choices, which leads people to pretty much behave in the flightiest way by default.For women, however, the opposite is sometimes true.The number of stories I heard from my female friends about guys they went on dates with who were "in between jobs" or not really motivated by anything, or expecting her to do the lion's share of work in the relationship, etc. So taking that into account, the numbers don't really tell the whole story.I DO have friends who have fallen in love in NYC and they fall about equally into 3 camps. Generally its an AMAZING city to build a tribe of friends and further your career but a terrible place to look for love.I'm 31 & have been living here for 10 years; 6 of which I was single for.

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Did you use apps or meet someone the old-fashioned way?ETA: I'm probably of average attractiveness, but dress pretty well. Re: the Mc Mansion hell thing - I take your point about being open-minded, but this is one lifestyle factor that is actually quite important to me.