Smoke 20 dating

02-Jul-2020 05:06

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If you’re curious whether your date is 420 friendly, there are a few ways you can find out without being overly explicit.Asking your date if they want to smoke before you go into a restaurant or perhaps after you leave a bar can be a good litmus test to determine their attitude toward cannabis. If they respond with something like “no thanks, I don’t smoke,” or “not right now,” it’s an opportunity to ask them about their relationship to weed.You can filter profiles by lifestyle habits as well as other important identifiers, including gender, location, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, appearance, interests, and education.Probably the most important thing about Match, though, is that it’s 100% free to try.This will give you some hints into how clued into cannabis culture they are.You might notice a bong on their living room coffee table or a pipe on their bed stand.

Unless you met your date on a site like 420 Singles or made clear on your dating profile that you’re a cannabis consumer, broaching the topic could be a little awkward.You can ask the question in a joking way or in a more serious manner.