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14-Feb-2020 04:10

In this article, Rob dives into the intricacies of romantic love & relationships in S. This in-depth essay is the first of a series in which Rob will dissect various topics that make up Korea’s cultural fabric.also taught me a lot about the culture and the way that things operate over here.It took several months before my co-teacher became comfortable enough to ask me about these things. Don’t know how long I’ll be here for.” She persisted with “Oh, but it’s a good way to learn the language!One day, after lunch she said to me, “Do you want to date a Korean girl? ” and I said, “Well wanting to date someone just for the sake of language would be a little… ” The conversation came to an end with her smirking and remarking, “You never know what can happen!

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Now, don’t worry ladies, March 14th is the day where men get to return the favor.In fact, I’ve been told by a contact helping me write this blog that doing your make up and working on your appearance is considered a sign of respect when you are going to meet up with someone.In other words, how much effort you put into your image declares to that other person how much you value them.Baffled and attempting to explain to them that I was too young for a spouse and also just moved to South Korea by myself, their next question was “Do you have a girlfriend?

” to which I replied (obviously) no and they all kind of laughed and giggled and then asked “Why?!

Surprisingly, though, when it comes to relationships, I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable with our conversations. men see pretty as a personality.” She said, her and my other co-teacher laughing in unison at the truth of the matter.