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We all had a nice laugh, but the incumbent Senator really shored up the Humorless Puritan vote with this strategic Twitter feud.Well, Shart Garfunkel is so eager to have all the Totally Exonerating details of the Mueller Report repeated in open congressional hearings that he's doing everything short of duct-taping Don Mc Gahn to the bathroom wall to keep witnesses from testifying.Before anybody gets too offended by the sacrilege here, you should know that King was referring to Ed Forrest, who played the title role in a community theatre production of Jesus Christ Superstar in his district. Seems Disgraced Former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, in her down time, when she wasn't focused on running kiddie koncentration kamps, actually tried to do her job, and, y'know, protect the United States from Russian election interference, but she ran into a rather unique obstacle; her neanderthal narcissist boss, who values his own fragile self-image infinitely more than the safety and security of the United States, and whose fee-fees get hurt whenever he has to think about how he's only president because Vlad Putin gave him an electoral booster seat. Making a Constitution-shredding, child-torturing, terrorist like Nielsen the unequivocal good guy in any scenario is mighty damn impressive.

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Sure thing Jeff, just as soon as you move on from Reconstruction.