28-Oct-2019 09:46

For Sun Life, just like a family, customers are the most important assets for a company and need to be looked after and protected properly.

In light of this, we have initiated the Sundate activities as a means of bringing family members closer together, while improving customer happiness and satisfaction, especially to mark National Customer Day.” Even though Indonesia has enjoyed a rise in its happiness index, current lifestyles along with the era of digitalization have shifted how happiness within the family is interpreted.

These activities are taking place in 5 major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Medan.

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia's happiness index has increased, from 68.28 in 2014 to 70.69 in 2017 on a scale of 0-100.

The Sundate Brunch Club event itself opened with remarks by Deri Slyrova as a representative from Zomato Gold who stated that there were more than 1500 people who wanted to attend this event, but Zomato Gold only chose 50 lucky people to attend this event.

Doctor Gaby advised that they try DNA testing to find out what foods were suitable for consumption, because each person was different.Enjoy a healthy and happy family, #Lebih Baik Sekarang! )” said Shierly Ge, Chief Marketing Officer of Sun Life Financial Indonesia.Staged in five major cities in Indonesia, Sundate's activities involve approximately 1,000 Sun Life customers and their families.Zomato Gold, an exclusive subscription program from Zomato which has been launched since November 2018 and then holds a Sundate Brunch Club event as one of the benefits of being a member aside from the profit of 1 1 for food or 2 2 drinks in more than 700 restaurants in Jabodetabek.

This event is exclusive to the lucky members held in Meradelima, Senopati, Jakarta.Caucasians express in the year of pig, we are all given blessings, sustenance, and longevity, and health.