Toledo ohio dating friends only

11-Dec-2019 16:23

Toledo’s the kind of place where the parking lots and endless days of grey skies mix together and you don’t know where one ends and the next begins.

Not to mention the rain, the snow and the dirty slush that gathers on every street and parking lot.

About 500 sports bars, or bars with TVs that play sports, and a few places that play quality live music.

Unfortunately few people dance or even bother to clap.

The food we eat in Toledo (and the rest of America) is the #1 threat to our lives and well-being.

Instead of worrying about ISIS, we should be worried about the menu at our restaurants and school cafeterias.

My plan was to come and say hi and goodbye, however spending a few weeks here has made me consider moving back.

Here’s the conflicting dialogue that’s been happening in my head. Pulling into Toledo the first thing I notice is the endless parking lots.

The musical talent here, relative to the amount of respect they get in the form of applause or attention, might be some of the best in the world.What’s not up for debate is that raising cows is the #1 cause of climate change.Methane the cows release has 23 times higher effect than CO2 on our atmosphere and according to the UN cows release more greenhouse gases than transportation globally.I moved to San Francisco for a career in technology.

Before making the move, I tried living in Toledo for a year.

While at a local diner I asked the waitress, “Do you have any vegetarian options? ”And no, removing the chicken from the top of a salad is not acceptable vegetarian food.