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20-Jun-2020 15:01

Possible Options: Buffer,, Zapier, IFTTT, Post RSS,, Swift Social, Engator,, Networked blogs, engator, Social, Hootsuite? Used prudently, tools like Twitter Feed can be of great benefit to businesses wishing to expand their Social Networking activities because they ensure you Tweet consistently – even if you are busy in your business, away on vacation or unable to be active for personal reaons. If you have long gaps when Tweeting you will start to lose Twitter followers, especially among those saavy enough to know about tools that search for inactive Twitter users by the amount of time since their last Tweet.We recommend identifying blogs that are of consistently high quality that are always on topic and using Twitter Feed to have their new content immediately sent to your Twitter account.Choose blogs that do not post too often – once a day or less works well.

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Pingvine is a free service that support both RSS or atom, It takes feed from your blog or website and updates it to Twitter and other supported microblogging sites.

This feature has to do with how page is rendered for perfromance reasons.

Provided by Alexa ranking, has ranked 98507th in United States and 196,588 on the world.

This might be sometimes because of sudden surge in server load or network issues, but surely it doesn't mean Twitterfeed has lost its original charm, it is still widely used Tweet-feeder.

But yes, it always wise to know and try out the alternatives available and ready the contingency plan.

Just copy it all and paste in Notepad or Word for the moment. Instead of the feed, it just displays its title, something like this below: Don’t worry, there is a fix for this – let’s do 1 more step! If your Twitter feed displays OK by now, you are done and no further action is required. Scroll down until you see Minimal Download Strategy and disable it (click Deactivate Button).