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21-Jun-2020 02:09

You’ve got the young guys looking up at you and you can’t be over there in the corner slacking off; I’ve got a lot of young guys this year looking at me, as far as the receiving corps, and I’ve really just been taking (the preseason) full-fledged on this year.Frierson: A few minutes ago one of the beat writers was asking if you felt like he little guy because Georgia now has so many tall receivers, but what I’m wondering is if you feel like the old man. Simmons: (Laughs) I do feel like the old man, but no (laughs), they don’t call me grandpa or grandfather.Simmons: It definitely gives me them every time I watch (laughs).Frierson: If you could go anywhere in the world on somebody else’s dime, where would you like to go?has many times over demonstrated his speed and toughness during his Georgia football career.The senior wide receiver is an excellent blocker and special teams player, which is why he was one of three winners of the Bulldogs’ Charley Trippi Award last season, an honor that goes to the most versatile players on the team.That’s a weird different two but I’m a big candy guy — growing up my grandmom always said I was going to have all these cavities; didn’t have them (laugh).Frierson: Candy is pretty broad so can you narrow it down for me?

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We got to ride jet skis and stuff so it was pretty fun.

Simmons: I was just talking about this with someone yesterday, I wish I could sing.

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I was around stunningly attractive women each day, but for whatever reason it just didn't feel right to date at that point in my life.… continue reading »

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