Update ux updating newer version of os

08-Oct-2020 23:37

The story with Android 9 Pie isn’t radically different, but it changes some of those tried and true (and increasingly tired) lines a bit.

For the first time, I’ve had a chance to test the official release of a new version of Android on a phone made by Google, the Essential Phone. Although a few of the promised features aren’t shipping or are still in beta, I think this version of Android is good enough that users should demand the update for their phones.

Overall, the new gesture system works, but it’s conceptually complicated.

To see what I mean, here’s a brief description of how gestures work: You swipe up once to get to an overview pane.

But in practice you have to do a loooong, loooong swipe to get it to work, which you’ll invariably get wrong, and the dock will give you a fussy little bounce in a futile attempt to indicate you should just double-swipe up.

I’m overthinking all this in part because I don’t think Google thought it over enough.

It may not be the most important new feature in the OS, but it’s certainly the most prominent and the most divisive.

update ux updating newer version of os-76

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We’ve been living with the same three-button core navigation system in Android for several years now, but with Pie, Google is finally giving a gesture-based interface a shot.The good news is that — at least on the Pixel 2 XL — Google finally got to a place where the animations work as they should, and the jank is gone.