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Here are some more details about this architecture: This new article uses the My Space deployment as a case study to counter balance the claim that large web-scale deployments require the use of No SQL storage because relational database cannot scale. No SQL discussion is more subtle, but I won’t enter into details here. It is easy to see how one partitions the user profile data, but how do you partition the user ‘walls’?

Mafia Wars was released as an i OS app on April 8, 2009. The makers of a similar online game, Mob Wars, sued Zynga over their launch of Mafia Wars, accusing Zynga of copyright infringement.The Zynga trademark application for Mafia Wars sought to cover games for computers and wireless devices. Kelejian, however on June 15, 2009, just two weeks prior to the Zynga filing, filed an intent-to-use trademark application for a stylized version of Mafia Wars which covered clothing and apparel.In August 2010, Digital Chocolate sued Zynga over allegations that Zynga falsely claimed it had coined the "Mafia Wars" trademark.Outcomes of an attack or attempt to rob were calculated by a secret formula that took into account the respective player's fighting skill, the number and quality of 5 kinds of weapons (Weapons, Armory, Vehicles, Animals and Henchmen), and a randomizing factor.

When a player won an attack, he did damage to the loser's Health and suffered a loss of Health himself (usually less than the loss of health by the loser of the attack).Players created mafias by recruiting other players or winning or buying artificial members (Hired Guns).