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26-Sep-2019 04:05

Older chart plotters, up to about 2013, sometimes used Compact Flash (CF) media cards.

Other chart plotters us either a SD card or a micro SD card that may plug into a "sleeve" with SD card dimensions.

Activate it using an old Silver, Gold, Navionics or compatible C-map or Garmin Bluechart.

The Navionics Updates card does not update the card you already have - rather, it uses your existing card to activate it.

One type of card will not fit into a chart plotter's card slot designed for the other type of media card.

To see whether a Navionics card is compatible with your plotter model and to remind you whether you need micro SD / SD or CF card format, see the PDF files linked from this page: The exception to the "same card type" rule is when you are retiring an old CF card using chart plotter and deploying a new plotter that uses micro SD / SD card.

All the Navionics cards currently for sale are micro SD / SD media (most commonly) and in CF card media (for the older plotters).

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Only I do not understand why they charge 100 for a simple update which I believe should be free for at least the first five years. As a bonus, it showed an island in Loch Scavaig which doesn't exist, so I suppose I got something for nothing.

Now, recognise that a Navionics Gold chart covers a greater area than a single Admiralty Chart Pack and suddenly, in comparison, it doesn't sound quite so bad.