Updating song titles winamp

25-Dec-2019 06:20

Alternativly, you can put an image with the the name of the album (extenstion) or in the folder where your Song is located.

At the moment, too large albumart images can't be displayed Songs are not directly played if you click them on Library - Tab.

Playlists on the i Pod are viewable in the Media Library by expanding the i Pod view.

This can be done by double clicking on the i Pod (under Devices) or clicking the triangle to the left of the i Pod.

Smart Playlists are created based on rules you set up, and are automatically updated as your library changes.

Adding a song to a playlist does not remove it from the library; it places a pointer (or reference) to the file in the playlist.

You can create standard playlists or a Smart Playlist.

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To play them, switch to Playlist - Tab and click them to play.To create a new standard playlist on the i Pod: Smart playlists (=SPL) are like playlists, but with more rock.You'll see that they look a bit different to normal playlists, and thats because they are.To do this, just use the drop down box on the right, and change it to "Mins", then type 120 into the box next to it.

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Now your playlist should be around the 120 minute mark, and filled with the type of music you want. If you have enabled Live Mode in the preferences, you will see a LIVE indicator in the lower right corner, right above the Eject button. This means that you have created a query that can not be processed by the i Pod firmware.A single song can be added to any number of playlists.