Updating two tables in a single query in sql Kenyan sexy gals

14-Jul-2020 18:53

updating two tables in a single query in sql-46

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When I hear that someone wants to delete or update multiple table in a single statement what I assume is something very similar to following.

DELETE/UPDATE Table 1 (cols) Table 2 (cols) VALUES …

SQL Server does not support deleting or updating from two tables in a single update. Do you want to see it that you suggest it is possible? (After 10 Minutes) DJ: Here are not one but two of your blog posts which talks about it – DJ: I know I was correct.

If you want to delete or update two different tables – you may want to write two different delete or update statements for it. Pinal: In that case, it is my word against your word. Pinal: Well, oh man, I did not mean there what you mean here.

which is not valid statement/syntax as well it is not ASNI standards as well.

I guess, after this discussion with DJ, I realize I need to do a blog post so I can add the link to this blog post in my canned answer.

An efficient solution would be to make a logfile with each view as a new line appended in a file.

Here’s an example of logfile, with each view logged on a single line using this format: part is most important, since it’s the only file writing mode that can be used with multiple processes (remember that you have MANY viewers at the same time, and if only 2 of them try to write a file at the same time your file will be pretty much screwed – no, you don’t lose the file itself, you just lose the content, which is even more important).

Query 1: This is the most common way to do multiple table update in Access. This may be a primary key column or a column with unique index, or columns with combined uniqueness (also known as composite unique index).

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