Updating zones files named via commandline

20-May-2020 07:12

updating zones files named via commandline-17

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For example, if we wanted to delete our string value "example" we created with the above example, we would create the following file.

The /s or -s Regedit commands can be added to the command to suppress the confirmation box "Are you sure want to add the information in to the registry? For example, using the same command used earlier you can type: Regedit /s and have that registry file immediately imported into the registry. For example, typing: Regedit /e would export the full registry to the file.

It is not intended as a fast or scalable solution for backing up substantial amounts of data.

With large data sizes, even if the backup step takes a reasonable time, restoring the data can be very slow because replaying the SQL statements involves disk I/O for insertion, index creation, and so on.

Using this command and a registry file that contains the proper commands, a user can add, remove, and otherwise edit the registry from the command line.

If you want to import a registry file from the command line, you can use the Regedit command and the name of the file you want to import.

All the while providing caching services for hosts on the local LAN. @ IN A @ IN AAAA ::1 ns IN A every time you make changes to the zone file. transfer of '1.in-addr.arpa/IN' from connected using zone 1.168.192.in-addr.arpa/IN: transferred serial 5 transfer of '1.in-addr.arpa/IN' from Transfer completed: 1 messages, 6 records, 212 bytes, 0.002 secs (106000 bytes/sec) zone 1.168.192.in-addr.arpa/IN: sending notifies (serial 5) client received notify for zone 'example.com' zone example.com/IN: Transfer started.

updating zones files named via commandline-29


To create these files yourself, copy the following examples into an empty file or use notepad or the edit command to create a file using the following commands.Windows XP users can also use the following solution to edit and modify their registry from the command prompt.

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