Upper peninsula dating

03-Sep-2020 22:54

About a decade ago, seeking some extra freedom of our own, my wife and I sold our farm in Michigan and moved to Montana to be close to our daughters and grandchildren.We’ve been coming to Montana ever since 1968 for its beauty and my fishing.Agassiz was stunned by the immensity of the virgin forests.When he got home to Cambridge, Mass., he shared his notes and conversation with his neighbor, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and thus we have that famed piece of doggerel, “Hiawatha,” that is exposed to every schoolchild, like it or not.We caught trout near a waterfall and slept wonderfully aided by a little booze and the thundering water.There are plenty of black bears around but of no concern as they go to great lengths to avoid you.If you’d been spending a month at a time in Hollywood, which I frequently was as a screenwriter in those years, there’s nothing like returning to a farm with horses and chickens, and then on to a fairly remote cabin off a two-track road where when you try to sleep at night you hear a river flowing, probably the best sound on earth.If you take out your Rand Mc Nally you’ll note that the Upper Peninsula is a long piece of land, over 300 miles, and thickish in places.

He has a passion for fishing and women and a little booze.I know Native Americans who think the poem is ludicrous, but then they are understandably touchy.