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29-Sep-2019 16:41

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Scientists have developed fascinating computer tools that allow them to determine the influence of voice alone, devoid of content.

In one method they electronically scramble just enough syllables that the words cannot be deciphered.

People spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how members of the opposite sex look, but very little time paying attention to how they sound.

Either way, the meaning is unintelligible while the feel of speech remains.

In that experiment, which involved a couple hundred men in their twenties, each man was told he’d be competing with another man for a lunch date with an attractive woman in a nearby room.

You can be sure that each profile you view is genuine, and a girl in the photo is real.… continue reading »

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According to Curbed, this weekend the two guys were caught "canoodling" in the elevator of Barneys in NYC, where they exited on the men's floor.… continue reading »

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