Validating rnai targets

24-Sep-2020 13:50

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(Source: Hong Xiao, Bristol-Myers Squibb) Wardwell-Swanson's group spent the first few months developing and validating assays, and also modifying their existing assays to fit the new fluorescent format.

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The screens are constantly growing in size, and in the next few years, Wardwell-Swanson anticipates genome-wide screens of tens of thousands of genes, which may require higher throughput, second-generation instruments.

Combined identification and validation of targets is a major benefit of HCS.

"The more validation we can get during the identification process, the better off we are," says Wardwell-Swanson.

The targets they screen include G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), kinases, other signal transduction factors and transcription factors.

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Most assays lent themselves nicely to the new method, she says.The assay is designed to identify novel proteins that have regulatory effects on a cell growth pathway and that might make good oncology targets.