Vanness wu dating arissa cheo

05-Dec-2019 17:35

Age 19: Enters the Super Sunday ABC Beauty contest. Selected by Columbia Pictures (Hollywood) to play the role of younger Genghis Khan.Spotted by a talent scout, offered a staring role Tiawanese college drama TV show Meteor Garden. Age 25: Stars in a Hong Kong action/romance film as Bond Cheung, an aspiring Muay Thai boxer.

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Thank you.” Arissa for her part also posted a screen cap of a video chat she was having with a friend.He said that he would not be talking about his personal relationship in public.He further added that he’s not perfect and he’s just being himself.This time, it was alleged that Arissa is now seeking divorce from her husband and is confiding her friends about it.

The flame was further fanned after she posted again on her Instagram about how a woman struggles in silence and how no one knows or understands about it.

She posted a photo that said, “I’m going to give you the same amount of effort as you give me,” after which she wrote, “merry fucking Christmas.” One netizen reprimanded her to watch her words as it reflects badly on her husband’s faith.