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Most contain game resources such as asteroids of silicon or ore, and many contain inhabitable planets.

Each sector contains up to four jumpgates, in a North, East, South, West pattern.

Each sector is named by the organisation that controls it.

Notable sectors include: Argon Federation home-sector, "Argon Prime"; Boron Kingdom home-sector "Kingdom End", Teladi Company headquarters "Seizewell"; Split Dynasty home-sector "Family Pride"; and Paranid Empire home world "Paranid Prime". Most sectors are controlled by one X-Universe race, and will contain only stations economically indigenous to that race.

The games feature free roaming gameplay with trading, combat, empire building, and missions; leading to the series' phrase: "Trade, Fight, Build, Think".

The series, which was launched in 1999 on the Windows platform, consists of five base games: X: Beyond the Frontier, X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion, X Rebirth, and X4: Foundations.

X is a science fiction space trading and combat simulator series created by German developer Egosoft.

The series is set in the X-Universe where several races populate a number of worlds connected by jumpgates.

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During a software update several flaws were introduced into the Terraformer fleet and distributed between them causing a radical change in behaviour.The total number of sectors is unknown, but the number of "discovered" sectors has increased in each game; from 54, in X: Beyond the Frontier, to over 200 in X³: Terran Conflict, including the re-discovered Sol system.

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