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Says Neha, "I might do the same scene in different takes, but this isn't possible on stage. " Is it comparable the number of people seeing films over the weekend and the number of people watching theatre? "Indeed we want the audiences to come and watch the play.

I have definitely tried my level best to make it entertaining.

"In London, in the late seventies, there was a lot of reggae music." Of all the performances so far, most memorable happened, at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2012." As for the city, it's a first close brush.

"I've heard that Chandigarh is into Punjabi and Bollywood music but I am pretty sure that the crowd has opened up to different kinds of music." [email protected] is synonymous with taste-bud tantalising food.

And this time it is with a play inspired by the world of theatre and cinema Where Did I Leave My Purdah Theatre and films which one affords more creative space, wherein lies more challenge, which is more gratifyingthe questions are many.

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It was a switch that happened from a Ph D and London School of Economics. I was passionate about music and was deejaying in San Francisco." Alongside, there was picking up different influences and styles.

They represent as to what happened over a period of three years that we've been together.

They describe the journey that we've gone through." Music was a transition waiting to happen for the two.

The play, written by Mahesh Dattani and directed by Lillete Dubey, has artists Soni Razdan, Neha Dubey, Sid Makkar and Priyanka Karunakaran working their magic on stage.

It is inspired by the spirit of the famous doyens of yesteryears.She has travelled with her star daughter Alia Bhatt to the shoots.

It is the back of the projection screen from the main televised image that is the centerpiece of the "Kippie Kann Show" stage's back wall.… continue reading »

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I would love to back teams that build stuff for places where the consumers hang out!… continue reading »

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The 28-year-old had just finished filming The Dark Knight at the time of his death, which went on to earn him several posthumous awards.… continue reading »

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Si sabes por dónde empezar, elige una categoría y continúa desde ese punto.… continue reading »

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