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She reaches for a discarded and asks if you want to do the crossword puzzle. It takes longer than that, but by then, you've completely given up.

She browses a menu and wants to know what question you would ask if you were ordering each entrée. 'Can you make that without bacon or is it pre-made? " Much later, she looks at your notebook and she seems absolutely thrilled that it's blank.

"I don't talk about things I don't want to talk about." This is truth in advertising.

Many actors limit what they say about their children, as Keener does regarding her young son, or about whom they're dating.

A swarm of schoolchildren surrounds you, chatting and laughing. But she's also been in a lot movies—four a year, on average.

When you go back outside, Keener races you to beat a stoplight. Sometimes Keener will be talking about one of her movies, and she'll suddenly draw a blank—she can't remember the title—and then she'll laugh (and laugh, and laugh) and ask for help. After college, Keener worked as an assistant to a casting director, and then, at her boss's urging, started auditioning herself.

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When you officially begin your interview, she speaks half her words to you in a whisper, so that your tape recorder can't pick them up. "I want to talk to you." She's like a nervous patient at the doctor's office who will throw any distraction she can to avoid getting a shot.

She credits the turning point in her career to 1991's , a quirky comedy with an unknown actor named Brad Pitt.

"She came in to audition for me; we were staying in this sleazy hotel," says the director, Tom Di Cillo. The performance didn't seem right: "I compared it to somebody hitting a golf ball in a small cinder-block room," Di Cillo says.

Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, who co-produced the film, also star.

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The screenplay features a great deal of improvised dialogue.Keener may be Hollywood's last character actress, the last anonymous movie star. This is the path she wants to take."Today, Keener wants to take an unconventional path too.